Bring It Home – National Days of Action

Suket During the first week of April 2018 join cannabis activists from around the country for three days of demonstrations. The “Bring It Home” Campaign aims to highlight the fact that even states with some forms of legalized cannabis, many adults … Continue reading

Statement on Attorney General Sessions

order gabapentin online overnight DCMJ Urges President Trump to Stop Sessions from Reversing Course of Legalization WASHINGTON, DC — Legalization advocates DCMJ, the organization that spearheaded Initiative 71 that legalized cannabis in the District of Columbia, issued the following statement Wednesday regarding the Senate … Continue reading

#SmokeSessions Now for some good news: On Election Day nearly all of the cannabis-related ballot initiatives passed! (Sorry Arizona, you got outspent!) The number of Americans living in states with legal cannabis grew from roughly 17 million to over 67 million … Continue reading

Andy Harris Gotta Go Rally! – Sunday, February 28

UPDATE Check out some of the photos: Bel Air, Maryland: #HarrisGottaGo! @MarylandNORML #MDpolitics #MD01 — DCMJ (@DCMJ2014) February 28, 2016 Taking it to the 1st Congressional District in MD to rid them of bad Representative. @PressClubDC @BlackPressUSA — … Continue reading

PRESS RELEASE: Marijuana Prohibition Ends in DC as Initiative 71 Takes Effect

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, February 26, 2015 CONTACT: ZACK PESAVENTO(202) 420-1065 ZACK@DCMJ.ORG Marijuana Prohibition Ends in DC as Initiative 71 Takes Effect Ballot Initiative Clears Congressional Review Period WASHINGTON, DC – The DC Cannabis Campaign marked the end of marijuana … Continue reading

Thank You Mayor Bowser, Chief Lanier, DC Councilmembers, AG Racine, and Congresswoman Norton for Standing Up for DC Voters

Today Mayor Bowser, Chief Lanier, DC Attorney General Racine, DC Councilmembers, and Congresswoman Norton hosted a press conference to defend Ballot Initiative 71 from congressional interference. Ballot Initiative 71 is set to become law tonight at 12:01AM, Thursday, February 26, … Continue reading