#PoopyMonkeyBaby Birthday Bash!


Thank you to everyone who joined us!

"Bird-dogging" at Rep. Andy Harris fundraiser, 02.16.16

In case you missed it, not only does Rep. Andy Harris hate democracy, he’s a racist.  We’re doing everything in our power to run him out of office. Before last month’s snow storm, we crashed his town hall in Bel Air, Maryland. Next Up: We’re crashing his birthday party and you’re invited! 

Last week we got word that DC Overlord #PoopyMonkeyBaby is holding a birthday party fundraiser on Tuesday, February 16 at a banquet hall near the White Marsh Shopping center north of Baltimore.  DCMJ is planning to go up there early in the day to register voters and raise awareness that the DC Overlord #PoopyMonkeyBaby is smelling up the neighborhood with his soiled britches.

There’s a few ways you can participate:

1) You can donate $59 to DC Overlord #PoopyMonkeyBaby and attend his birthday party reception (see official form below). While we DON’T THINK IT IS WISE TO GIVE DC OVERLORD #POOPYMONKEYBABY ANY MONEY AT ALL, we know some of you are itching (think poison ivy) to have an opportunity to wish him a not-so-happy 59th birthday in person.

2) You have a car and are willing to drive others from around the DC area to North of Baltimore for a day of fun

3) You don’t have a car, but are willing to chip in $5 for gas money to be driven up to the shindig

We are looking for drivers, passengers, and agitators. Our plan is to leave DC around 12 noon on February 16 and return back to DC around 10pm. You will need to bring your own snacks and/or money for dinner, plus a few bucks for gas money if you are a passenger. DCMJ will provide voter registration forms and lots of high fives.

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