Support Cannabis-friendly Candidates!

buy provigil online in canada DC’s Primary Election Day is fast-approaching! Before you know it, Tuesday, June 14 will be here. On the following day, will we be stuck with misguided politicians like Brandon Todd, LaRuby May, and Yvette Alexander who consistently vote against the cannabis … Continue reading


Call & Email the DC Council! #AmendTheBan The January 4th Legislative Meeting of the DC Council was a rollercoaster and we expect the February 1st meeting to be just as exciting. First the DC Council voted to #LetTheBanExpire, then the Mayor called members of the DC Council … Continue reading

Please Call & E-mail the Members of Committee on the Judiciary UPDATED JANUARY 26, 2016   We need you to Call AND Email the members of the Committee on the Judiciary! Before the entire DC Council can vote on B21-0107, it first must be voted out of the Committee on the … Continue reading