Weed for Warriors Rally – Dupont Circle 5/8

Rally with the Weed for Warriors Project on Monday, May 8!
Join the Weed for Warriors Project this coming Monday at noon in Dupont Circle for a rally concerning Johns Hopkins University’s about face on researching medical cannabis for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

For those of you not aware, the federal government needlessly restricts research on cannabis and when they finally allow research to go forward, they provide researchers with horrible quality cannabis.

When the principle investigator, Dr. Sue Sisley, came forward in March to highlight the fact that the government’s substandard cannabis contained mold, Johns Hopkins University cancelled the research study.

This Monday we’re rallying at Dupont Circle and then marching down Massachusetts Ave. to the Johns Hopkins University’s DC campus to demand the DEA-approved research go forward!  Please join us!

WHO: Veterans with Weed For Warriors, DCMJ members, and advocates for cannabis research
WHAT: Rally & March for PTSD research!
WHERE: Dupont Circle, Washington, DC
WHEN: High Noon, May 8, 2017
WHY: Veterans are currently prohibited from speaking with their VA doctors about using cannabis to combat PTSD. Without the scientific research backing up the anecdotal claims of thousands of veterans that cannabis helps with PTSD, our veterans will not be able to find relief they deserve. Thus, we are demanding that Johns Hopkins University restart the DEA-approved research study immediately!

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We can’t let important scientific research be silenced!

March of the Clones

Check out the video from March of the Clones:

“March Of The Clones” Washington DC 09.24.16 from Mike Flugennock on Vimeo.

For far too long the power of the Dark eeide (the DEA, the prison industrial complex, and ignorant members of Congress) has lead to the arrest and jailing of millions of Americans for non-violent drug offenses. As President Obama’s final days at the White House wind down, he needs to be reminded that he can be a Force of Good and end the failed war on drugs NOW.

On Saturday, September 24, 2016, we will gather at 2pm in Dupont Circle for a short rally, then at 3pm we will march 1 mile down Connecticut Ave. to the White House, and at 4:20pm we will engage in mass civil disobedience on Pennsylvania Ave.

We urge everyone to bring cannabis cuttings that weigh under an two ounces to create a sea of green to show President Obama that cannabis is a harmless plant not worthy of being in the Controlled Substances Act.

This is an unpermitted demonstration but is a first amendment protected activity. However, possession of cannabis on federal property is still a crime which we believe must end. Possessing cannabis in Dupont Circle and Lafayette Park (both National Parks) is unlawful and is an arrestable act of civil disobedience. Those wishing to participate but who do not wish to break law can join us on DC streets (Connecticut Ave. outside of Dupont Circle and Pennsylvania Ave. by way of 17th St.) without fear of arrest.

Please spread the word about the March of the Clones by inviting your friends on Facebook or tweeting about the demonstration using the hashtag #MarchOfTheClones !