Join the DC Cannabis Consumers Association

Join the DC Cannabis Consumers Association!

Photo Credit: Team Muriel

Now that thousands of seeds have been planted throughout the District of Columbia, it’s time to share in the bounty. For the ridiculous price of only $420.00, you can join the District’s newest association. Your exclusive membership will entitle you to a gifted ounce every month throughout the year grown by the District’s most reputable growers.

The DC Cannabis Consumers Association will share locally grown cannabis buds & seeds, exchange gardening tips, and help grow DC’s green thumb into one of the largest in the world. Talk about thumbs up!

Membership is open to DC residents 21 years of age with green thumbs who have paid the $420 membership fee. You’ll receive expert classes on the entire life cycle of indoor cannabis gardening; from growing, harvesting, bud tending, to the curing of your cannabis.

For the introductory price of $420, you will get:
— One ounce every month
— Free indica, saliva, hybrid, and autoflowering seeds every month
— Access to the District’s finest grow-ops
— Access to Private Smoking Lounges
— Recipes for Tinctures & Edibles
— Extraction Techniques
— Cloning How-to’s
— Pest & Odor Eradication Tips
— Referral Bonus Buds
and so much more!

The time to join the DC Cannabis Consumers Association is now! After April 20, 2015, the membership fees will rise to $4,200 in order to keep out any people who didn’t vote for Initiative 71. Don’t delay, join today!

_____________ APRIL FOOLS!! _____________

Of course, we know it’s not legal to pay membership fees in order to obtain “free” cannabis. The law doesn’t allow cannabis to be sold indirectly. However, it’s totally legal to contribute to the DC Cannabis Campaign before we close down this month. Please donate generously!

The “DC Cannabis Campaign” shut down in May 2015 and returned to DCMJ, a community organization.