WJLA: New petition aims to legalize pot in D.C.

Bayanhongor Source: Sam Ford, WJLA Also See: Marijuana Legalizers Hit D.C. Streets 4/23 Blaze It: Petition Drive Starts for Marijuana Initiative Washington, DC Could Be the Next Place to Legalize and Tax Weed New Initiative Could Decriminalize Small Amounts of Pot … Continue reading

News Coverage of the DC Marijuana Decriminalization Hearings

Knoxville Over 40 witnesses testified and more than 100 District residents attended the historic marijuana decriminalization hearings this week. Below are some of the news articles & videos that were generated: SOURCE: CNN Situation Room SOURCE: DC FOX 5 NBC 4 … Continue reading

WJLA: Marijuana possession would be decriminalized for small amounts under proposal

South Shields On Wednesday, Councilman Tommy Wells introduced legislation to de-criminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana in D.C. If passed, the drug would still be illegal, but possession would no longer mean a misdemeanor resulting in arrest. Instead of a criminal … Continue reading