DC Board of Elections Approves Ballot Initiative Language

https://gustavosylvestre.com/actualidad/el-macrismo-piensa-que-siguen-gobernando-y-tratan-de-imponer-sus-propios-jueces-expreso-francisco-duranona/ Today we received word from the DC Board of Elections that our ballot initiative has been approved! SO WHAT IS NEXT? According to Section 1002 of the DC Elections Laws, the Board of Elections now has up to 20 calendar … Continue reading

Draft Ballot Initiative – Please Leave Feedback!

is neurontin an opiate like lortab DC Cannabis Campaign Draft Ballot Initiative Language What do you think? Loading… NOTE: Google Forms do not work on smartphones. Thank you for your comments! We closed the public comment period on January 9, 2014. Below are the anonymous comments … Continue reading

Legislative Summary: Simple Possession of Small Quantities Act (B20-409)

https://thebloodynerve.com/news/the-bloody-nerve-red/ This legislative summary was written by Grant Smith, Policy Manager, Office of National Affairs at the Drug Policy Alliance: On July 10, 2013, Councilmember Tommy Wells (D- Ward 6) introduced the “Simple Possession of Small Quantities of Marijuana Decriminalization Act … Continue reading

Washington Post: Some on D.C. Council plan bills to ease penalties for having marijuana

https://humanesmarts.org/smarts-farm/ “Some D.C. Council members are crafting legislation to lessen the penalties for marijuana possession, hoping to settle the matter before outside groups petition the issue onto the ballot. Marion Barry (D-Ward 8) and Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6) — who as … Continue reading