#ShowYourGrow – Photos of DC’s Legal Indoor Cannabis Gardens

Send us photos of your indoor garden!

As we gear up toward this Fall’s first legal cannabis harvest in Washington, DC, we’d love to share photos of your indoor cannabis gardens. Dubbed #ShowYourGrow on Twitter, we’d like to start including photographs in future DCMJ emails, as well as showcase them here on the website.

Please email your indoor garden photos to ShowYourGrow@DCMJ.org and indicate in your email whether you want to remain Anonymous or if you want your name published, the name of the strains (if known) in the photo, and the Ward your indoor garden is located in (or your Zipcode if you don’t know your Ward). Please send us your favorite photo instead of multiple photos! Unfortunately, we will not use photos that have been taken outdoors.

IMPORTANT: if you are sending us (or strangers!) photos taken from your phone, be sure to remove the GPS info in the photo’s EXIF data. Click here for a decent guide on how to strip the GPS data from your photos. Why remove the GPS data? When you take the photo and share it, you may be telling everyone the precise location of where your indoor garden is located and may be inviting some unwanted company.

Check out the #ShowYourGrow photos:

Anonymous – Ward 1 – Unknown Strain

Tyler – Ward 1 – Pineapple Punch

Susan Remmers – Ward 1 – Unknown Strains

Chester – Ward 1 – White Widow

Anonymous – Ward 1 – Blue Cheese

IRoc Green – Ward 2 – Georgetown Skunk Haze

Mimi – Ward 3 – OG Kush

@CannagrowDC – Ghost Ship – Ward 3

Anonymous – Ward 4 – White Widow

Devin – Ward 4 – Unknown Strain

Juan from www.DCCoGo.com – Ward 4 – Deep Purple Kush & White Widow

YogiTree – Ward 4 – Girl Scout Cookies

YogiTree – Ward 4 – GSC, Sensi Star, Blueberry

Tony Parker – Ward 4 – Rude Boi OG

Uptown-town Grow – Ward 4 – White Widow

Mr. Childs – Ward 4 – Purple Pineberry

Farmer Greg – Ward 4 – Nebula

DeeCee Grow – Ward 4 – Unknown Strain

Henry Chinasky – Ward 4 – Unknown Strain, Maui Waui, and Haze #1

Shane – Ward 4 – OG Kush

Darthvapor – Ward 4 – Starcloud

Anonymous – Ward 5 – Blue Diesel

Anonymous – Ward 5 – Unknown Strain

Cameron – Ward 5 – “Cash Crop” & “Auto Shark”

Anonymous – Ward 5 – “Urban Poison” & “NYPD”

BloomingdaleBud – Ward 5 – Blue Kush, Amnesia Haze, Northern Lights, and NYC Diesel

Chuck Diesel – Ward 5 – Blue Dream, Lemon Kush, Blueberry, Afghan Kush, Iced Widow

Anonymous – Ward 5 – Afghan Skunk, Blue Dream, Tangerine Dream and Pineapple Express

Flip Thompson – Ward 6 – “Fast and Vast”

Meowiecat – Ward 6 – Autoflower Northern Lights

Singing Bud – Ward 6 – M3

Anonymous – Ward 6 – Strawberry Blue

Anonymous – Ward 6 – Dark Angel

Anonymous – Ward 6 – Pineapple Chunk

Lionshare NE – Ward 7- Unknown Strain

Monica – Ward 7 – M3

DC Pharma – Ward 7 – Unknown Strain + THC Bomb

Anonymous – Ward 8 – Unknown Strain

BlaQue, The Authoress – Ward 8 – Train Wreck & Purp

BlaQue, The Authoress – Ward 8 – Purple Haze

Dank Boy’z – Ward 8 – Mrs. Buttersworth (Apricot Kush X Girl Scout Cookies)

Dante – Ward 8 – Lemon Kush & Northern Lights

(Last Updated July 16, 2015)

E-mail ShowYourGrow@DCMJ.org to submit your photos!

PRESS RELEASE: Ballot Initiative 71 Qualifies for November General Election Ballot

August 6, 2014

TONY NEWMAN (646) 335-5384

Ballot Initiative 71 Qualifies for November General Election Ballot


First Jurisdiction to Legalize Marijuana in a Racial Justice context

WASHINGTON, DC — Today the D.C. Board of Elections ruled that Ballot Initiative 71 has enough valid signatures to qualify for November’s general election ballot. One month ago, the DC Cannabis Campaign submitted over 57,000 signatures from registered voters and needed 23,780 signatures to qualify.

The citizens of the District of Columbia hope to follow in the steps of Colorado and Washington by legalizing marijuana and polls show the issue is popular among District residents, with support above 60 percent. DC currently has the highest per capita marijuana arrest rates in the U.S. In 2010 black people in the District accounted for 91 percent of all marijuana arrests – even though black and white people use marijuana at roughly similar rates.

Ballot Initiative 71 allows adults over the age of 21 to possess up to two ounces of marijuana on their person at any time, allows adults to give (but not sell) up to one ounce of marijuana to other adults, and allows for the cultivation of up to three mature marijuana plants at home. District law prevents ballot initiatives from addressing the sale of marijuana. However, the DC Council is currently considering a bill that will tax and regulate marijuana within the District.

The ballot initiative builds on the work of the DC Council, which decriminalized marijuana this past spring. However, as data from numerous jurisdictions around the country indicate, decriminalization alone is not enough to change police practices. Colorado and Washington have seen precipitous declines in marijuana arrests since enacting legalization initiatives in 2012, saving these states millions in tax dollars, and, more importantly, eliminating the collateral consequences associated with arrests for marijuana possession.

“It is clear from the number of signatures the campaign was able to submit that the citizens of the district would like to have a say in reforming the marijuana laws of the District,” said Dr. Malik Burnett, Vice-Chair of the DC Cannabis Campaign and the DC Policy Manager for Drug Policy Action. “The policies of prohibition in the District have been borne on the backs of black and brown men for decades, by voting YES on 71, District residents can put an end to this failed policy.”

The announcement of legalization efforts come just two weeks after the implementation of DC’s decriminalization law, where preliminary data show that 77% of all tickets have been issued in communities of color. “It is great that we have decriminalized marijuana in the District of Columbia,” said Adam Eidinger, Chair of DC Cannabis Campaign, “Unfortunately, if we are going replace arrests with tickets, discrimination will continue, but voting YES on 71 eliminates the tickets and brings discrimination to an end.”

The DC Cannabis Campaign is the official campaign committee for Ballot Initiative 71. The campaign is a project of residents from across DC, the Drug Policy Action, and Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps.


Washington Post: Advocates press for marijuana legalization measure on D.C. ballot

The District should set aside the warnings of its attorney general and let voters decide whether they want to legalize marijuana possession in the nation’s capital, advocates for the measure argued Tuesday before the D.C. Board of Elections.

The band of marijuana advocates is seeking to make the District one of the first East Coast cities to legalize marijuana possession. If it successfully gets the measure on the November ballot, legalization has a strong chance of being approved, according to a recent Washington Post poll, and it could hasten the arrival in Washington of a debate that has simmered mostly in Western states.

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SOURCE: Aaron C. Davis, Washington Post

Also See:

Press Release: DC Residents Submit Marijuana Voter Initiative For General Election

January 15, 2014

CONTACT: Adam Eidinger 202-744-2671

DC Residents Submit Marijuana Voter Initiative For General Election

Passage Would Allow Possession of Small Amounts of Marijuana

WASHINGTON, DC – After soliciting comments from the public since October 2013 and working within the District of Columbia’s limited powers afforded to voter initiatives, the DC Cannabis Campaign submitted ballot initiative language on Friday, January 10, 2013. The campaign’s ballot initiative can be viewed at www.DCMJ.org

The proposed initiative is currently being reviewed by the DC Board of Elections and Ethics for legal completeness. The campaign anticipates a public hearing next month. Once approved, the campaign will need to gather over 23,000 signatures from registered voters of the District of Columbia by this summer in order to make it on to the general election ballot in November.

“We’ve listened to the public for three months and worked with stakeholders to submit the most workable language that enshrines marijuana consumer rights, including limited home cultivation,” says Adam Eidinger who submitted the initiative. “Our initiative will restore dignity to a whole group of people living in the shadows, who’ve had opportunities denied for simply using marijuana versus other legal even more dangerous substances.”

The Home Rule Act of the District of Columbia prohibits ballot initiatives from creating taxing authority, like those passed in Colorado and Washington, but the campaign believes that residents should not have to fear government repression for growing, consuming, and possessing marijuana in the privacy of their homes.

“Back in 1998, over 69% of District residents approved a medical marijuana ballot initiative that allowed the home cultivation of cannabis, but in 2010 the Council removed this right,” says Bill Piper of the Drug Policy Alliance. “We want to return this right back to the people.”

“Mayoral candidate and current Ward 6 councilmember Tommy Wells decriminalization of marijuana legislation is a good start for fixing DC’s unjust marijuana laws, “ says Piper. “The next step is allowing DC residents to grow their own supply of marijuana so they are not reliant on the illicit market. Ultimately, the city should tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol.”

When marijuana possession in DC is decriminalized this Spring, home cultivation will not be permitted and will remain a criminal offense. The campaign’s ballot initiative seeks to change this and allow individuals to grow up to six plants inside their homes and a maximum of 12 plants in a residence.

“We allow people to brew beer at home, so why shouldn’t we allow District residents the freedom to grow a few marijuana plants?” asks Eidinger.
For more information visit http://DCMJ.org


Draft Ballot Initiative – Please Leave Feedback!

DC Cannabis Campaign Draft Ballot Initiative Language

What do you think?

NOTE: Google Forms do not work on smartphones.

Thank you for your comments! We closed the public comment period on January 9, 2014. Below are the anonymous comments submitted by the public:

10/18/13 11:38 “6 plants is too many and would produce much more than 2 oz. of MJ. each plant would weigh more than 2 oz. You should make clear that MJ is in usable form and not to be considered if still on the leaf. plants should be limited to residence rather than the person. If 5 people live in a group home, if they all get to grow 6 plants, you got 18 plants.”
10/18/13 13:51 “The “”with 3 or fewer being mature plants”” language is very strange and makes little sense. In fact the smallest hydro units hold at least 6 small plants and I can’t imagine anyone using them for fewer. And vegetation and harvesting will all be done as a group. Also there’s much difference between the amount that can be produced by large plants and small plants. Many hydro plants are forced into bloom at 10″” high while large plants can reach 10′ even indoors. The quantity limit should be on the weight of buds combined or total height, not plant number if anything.”
10/19/13 20:28 Sounds good to me!
10/25/13 14:21 “i think this is a great cause! I think this will eliminate a few things in Dc, including less lock ups,more low income residents chances to obtain employment and other opportunites. After 1998, what was the real holdup? Isnt this just as important and fair as same sex marriage? i think so, so if i can help contact me!
10/25/13 14:47 I think this is great. We finally have a voice for the people. This type of movement will enhance a lot of things. These fines for posession of marijuana are really outrageous, and it’s time we take a stand. What time is better than now, especillay when you have a whole city behind you.
11/20/13 16:21 Why not age 18 or 19?
12/10/13 14:18 It might make more sense to change the age limit to 18. It’s where I, and many folks think it should be. Right now the precedent is 21, but if we change to 18 it might influence other municipalities and change the precedent.
12/10/13 14:22 So happy to be getting this email and hear of the progress!! Shouldn’t the bill clarify procedures for smoking and operating a vehicle? Washington Initiative 502 makes it clear that it’s illegal, and I’ve had friends arrested for simply sitting in their car smoking a joint.”
12/16/13 17:42 Looks quite good. As many protective measures as possible so no unlawful circumventing of your vision/purpose/proposal.
1/6/14 13:49 Marijuana is used as a means of calming and pain relief. I personally feel that marijuana has helped me with my manic symptoms in my bi-polar disorder. It also helps my anxiety disorder. Taking several anti-depressants and anti-psychotic have only helped to zombify and mummified me. They don’t allow me to engage in a normal life with daily activities. Marijuana has helped me to engage in society without feeling anxious and paranoid.
1/6/14 14:15 I think is great and reads well.
1/6/14 14:47 make sure it includes home cultivation explicitly so they can not deny what the people want! make sure it does not restrict people with prior criminal records for drugs from participating and make sure there is very little or no regulation other than marijuana possession, use, sale, cultivation and creation of food and concentrates will be legal for all adults over 21.
1/6/14 15:10 Para 6: property owners, ie, landlords, could restrict a tenant’s right to grow. DELETE!!!!!
1/6/14 15:55 Looks like we can kiss the days of going to jail for a gram goodbye with this legislation! The first step towards a more logical culture.
1/7/14 1:03 Great
1/7/14 10:13 DC residents should be free to grow their own marijuana!
1/8/14 10:17 Canabis should be legal. It is much less less harmful than alcohol and many prescription drugs
1/8/14 16:59 I read the ballot initiative and found it well written and composed . I support the ballot initiative in its entire form and agree that it should be ratified and immediately implemented.
1/8/14 20:51 It’s about time, please legalize marijuana. No more war on drugs, no more people having their records ruined for a lifetime for smoking a plant. Sick people needs it, mental patients need it and I include myself in this category, marijuana safe my life, it calms me down and stops my repetitive bad thoughts in its tracks. I have Maniac depression and I need Marijuana to snap out of hell or depression and mania. I’m a professional, I have a career, a house, I pay taxes and I love and trust this country. Do the right thing and legalize recreational use of Marijuana. Thank You.