DC Board of Elections Approves Ballot Initiative Language

Today we received word from the DC Board of Elections that our ballot initiative has been approved!

SO WHAT IS NEXT? According to Section 1002 of the DC Elections Laws, the Board of Elections now has up to 20 calendar days to create a summary of the initiative, a short title of the initiative, and amend the initiative to conform to any laws that were passed since we submitted the initiative back in January. Once completed, the Board of Elections has 5 more days to notify the DC Cannabis Campaign of any changes and then submit the finalized ballot initiative to the DC Register for publication. Finally, once published in the DC Register, the public has 10 days to challenge the summary, short title, or the legislative form of the ballot initiative. After the expiration of the challenge period, the Board of Elections will issue the DC Cannabis Campaign the nominating petitions, and we’ll have until July 7 to collect more than 25,000 valid signatures from DC voters.

We hope the Board of Elections will work quickly to finalize the ballot initiative so we can start collecting signatures as soon as possible!

Here’s the approval letter from the DC Board of Elections: